Taking part in Le Mat “snake village” Festival may become an unforgettable experience in your life! >>Rice cooking competition – not just a competition >>Huong Pagoda Festival – a uniqueness of spring About Le Mat snake village Festival Le Mat is a small village at Viet Hung Ward, Long Bien District, about 7 kilometers away from […]

One of the meaningful activity in Vietnamese Tet festivals is Rice cooking competition. A rice cooking competition is held to encourage women to take more responsibility in their traditional work. >> Huong Pagoda Festival – a uniqueness of spring >> Hmong’s pulling wife custom in Sapa When is Rice cooking competition held? During Tet holiday, a number […]

Across the country, the first month of the lunar year is considered the month of festivals. This is the time for the most unique festivals of Vietnam such as Huong Pagoda Festival (Perfume Pagoda), Yen Tu… >> Hmong’s pulling wife custom in Sapa >> Places to head to this full moon festival in Hanoi Huong Pagoda Festival in […]

Sapa is known as a highland town which is famous for the naturally breathtaking landscapes and the unique traditional customs. Today, we will become a tour guide to take you to Sapa and find out one of the most cultural characteristics of Hmong people, which is pulling wife or “wife catching”. >> Places to head to […]

A guide to the places that shine the brightest under the full moon. On the 15th day of the 8th Lunar Calendar month (15 September), the little rocky sphere that orbits the earth will be at its roundest, something it’s been delivering at the same time every month since humans first figured out the pattern. […]

Restaurants, bars in Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi will be keeping their doors open into the early hours. >> Vietnamese traditional costume: Ao ba ba & Ao yem dao >> Vietnamese traditional costume: Ao dai & Ao tu than A considerable support for tourism In an explicit gesture to bring tourists more nightlife, Hanoi’s municipal administration has given […]

Costume is an indispensable piece in Vietnamese culture picture. Ao is a common word for cloth and there’re several types of traditional Ao in Vietnam. >> Vietnamese traditional costume: Ao dai & Ao tu than >> Don’t miss the Ghost Festival when you’re in Vietnam Ao ba ba It has long been said that Ao Ba Ba becomes […]

Vietnam has not merely gained well-deserved reputation for their enchanting landscapes, unique culinary art, friendly people, but Vietnam’s costume also left a lasting impression on foreign visitors to this land of rich tradition. Being one of the three crucial parts of human beings’ material life (food, accommodation and clothing), Vietnam’s costume has considerable changes in […]

The Ghost Festival, also known as the Hungry Ghost Festival in modern days, is a traditional Buddhist festival held in many Asian countries in lunar July. >> Long Bien Market – the most bustling and hustling >> Bests of Hanoi you’ve never heard of (Part 6: Architecture) What is Ghost Festival? In Vietnam, it is viewed as […]

Bustling from mid-night to early morning, the Long Bien Market is the biggest wholesale market in Hanoi and northern Vietnam. It is also a popular destination among those who want to discover Hanoi beauty at night. >> Bests of Hanoi you’ve never heard of (Part 6: Architecture) >> Bests of Hanoi you’ve never heard of (Part 5: […]